Project Aim

Instant Spaces is an SME looking to mass produce structural and insulated building panels, upscaling the batch operation they currently perform at their East London site.

As part of a productivity improvement service, HSSMI developed a project with a defined scope of works and deliverables, to support Instant Spaces with their long-term vision of mass production. Initially, HSSMI delivered an on-site process mapping exercise detailing the current state followed by the development of a future state process map, together with a continuous improvement strategy for the panel build process. This was delivered alongside a detailed list of incremental recommendations for improvement, based on mass production fundamentals and high-volume manufacturing best practice.

The Challenge

Instant Spaces offer a competitive product within an unsaturated market, meaning that the demand for production is increasing. Currently, the panel build process is largely delivered in a way that is not yet optimised for upscaling. In order to move towards high-volume manufacturing, Instant Spaces needed to establish the optimal process for their current site as well as taking into account the prospect of a new site and what could be the ideal future state.

HSSMI assisted Instant Spaces in achieving this goal by recommending proven methodologies for process improvement, with a key focus on quality control, meaning that small but important changes can be made before a significant increase in production. Ultimately this will lead to increased efficiency for the current site and an opportunity to start from an advanced position in the future site.

The Solution

Walk the process: A thorough on-site investigation was carried out by HSSMI who surveyed the current process from beginning to end, combined with key stakeholder interviews. This allowed HSSMI to understand the process, the steps taken by Instant Spaces to get to the current state, the overall business objectives and to document in detail the activities which are part of the build process.

Future state assessment: A visit to the planned future site, expected to house the operation post upscaling, allowed HSSMI to assess the location and understand the possibilities for the process in the new site.

Process sequence for future state: Further to visiting the future site, and based on HSSMI’s manufacturing knowledge, an optimised sequence for the panel build process was suggested including calculations for workforce, throughput and timing.

Digital 3D layout: Supporting the future state process, HSSMI provided a digital 3D layout placing current assets within a virtual mock up of the future site. This was presented using Virtual Reality, allowing Instant Spaces to visualise the relocation of their panel build operation.

Process map and recommendations: Based on all of the above steps and using HSSMI’s expertise in mass manufacturing best practices, a completion report was delivered including detailed documentation of the current state process to support continuous improvement and a comprehensive set of recommendations. The report was mindful of the reality of Instant Spaces being an SME and therefore made suggestions on how to implement the recommendations in incremental stages for both the current and future state.



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