HSSMI Helps Ramp Up Ventilator Production Using Its Digital Tools

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The Role of HSSMI

Under the UK Ventilator challenge, HSSMI has supported Ford Motor Company to accelerate the scale up of ventilator production through help with the planning of production and the training of operators using digital tools. By developing a series of 3D, digitally animated work instructions using 3D PDF technology, HSSMI has enabled operators to be trained remotely under the constraints of social distancing.

Firstly, by scanning the factory of an incumbent ventilator manufacturing facility and assembly line using 360 video technology to capture the physical environment, HSSMI created an interactive digital representation. This also included information on production practices, bill of processes, facility spatial requirements, and cycle times, thus establishing a benchmark for ventilator production.

Secondly, using the available data, HSSMI generated digital build instructions in the form of 3D PDFs for each operation. The 3D PDFs are easily shared and provide clear instructions and an immersive learning experience for manual operators before they can safely start working on the production line.

As such, scale up to full capacity has been achieved more expediently, economically and safely through the application of digital tools.


The Ventilator Challenge UK Story

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More information is available on the Microsoft Ventilator Challenge webpage here.


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