Working at HSSMI | Meet New Starter Praveen Chandramohan


In September 2022, HSSMI welcomed Praveen Chandramohan to our Manufacturing Strategy team. Praveen is looking forward to further expanding his knowledge of the manufacturing sector with his work at HSSMI.


Why did you decide to join HSSMI?

PC: I joined HSSMI as I wanted to pursue a role in which I had a level of responsibility where the work I do is truly impactful. The ability to work with a diverse client base was attractive as it would allow me to be exposed to new people, information, and technologies, always encouraging me to develop my knowledge further. As a sustainability focussed consultancy, my goals aligned with what I perceived as the future of engineering, and working towards a net zero goal felt rewarding.


How has HSSMI and your team supported your development?

PC: HSSMI has provided me with a structured programme to progress my path into a full qualified manufacturing strategy engineer. From my first day I have been given ample responsibility on critical project tasks which I quickly learnt and excelled at. My team have collectively supported me through my time and have allowed me to gain considerable knowledge in an area I was not too familiar to begin with.


What do you appreciate most about working at HSSMI?

PC: I enjoy the colleagues I work with the most. Everyone is super friendly, and are quick to help should I encounter any obstacles in my work. The work atmosphere is great and I feel like I play a key role in the team which feels very fulfilling.


What are your expectations from working at HSSMI?

PC: At HSSMI, I hope to continue to gain exposure in various industries, working with clients from leading OEMs to start-ups, and expanding my knowledge of the manufacturing sector further. In particular, my focus is to specialise on Electric Vehicle manufacture and related activities, which I feel I will be motivated by through my work with automotive OEMs and sustainability-focussed studies.


How will working at HSSMI help your career?

PC: By contributing on such a diverse range of projects, it will provide me with exposure to a highly capable network and complex real-world industrial problems that need to be solved, developing both my experience and technical skills. I hope to become a capable manufacturing strategy engineer with a thorough knowledge of manufacturing engineering practices, whilst understanding the significance of implementing further additions such as circular economy principles.


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