The HSSMI Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Bootcamp is Back Next Month

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Whether you are an expert in electric vehicle manufacture or a novice, the HSSMI Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Bootcamp is the perfect place to refresh your knowledge and discover what you didn’t know about electric vehicles or their components.

Conducted by HSSMI experts, in collaboration with Industry Forum, the courses are designed to teach participants how to design, manufacture, build, and run the production of the different primary elements of an electric vehicle.

The EV industry is on track to grow exponentially and it is vital that those involved in automotive manufacturing, and its surrounding industries, keep their technical knowledge up to date to remain at the forefront of the industry.


Bootcamp Structure

Module 1: Discover how mechanical and chemical considerations made during cell design impact cell performance, application, and manufacture in the Fundamentals of Lithium-Ion Cells course.
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Module 2: Find out how battery packs are designed, manufactured, and tested before they enter the market in the Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Fundamentals course.
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Module 3: Learn how to design for manufacture, build, and run production of electric motors, particularly for electric vehicle solutions in the Electric Motor Manufacture course
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Module 4: Understand the inner workings of an electric vehicle and how the choice of different design strategies affects its operation in the Electric Vehicle Manufacture course.
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Module 5: Explore different end of life strategies, such as repair / reuse, refurbishment / reconditioning, battery remanufacturing, repurposing, recycling, with practical examples in the End of Life Pathways for EV Batteries course.
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The series, which costs only £150 per session, is aimed at engineers, project managers, and commercial staff, looking to build on their technical understanding of the subject, requires no existing knowledge.

To ensure the highest levels of training on these virtual courses and provide the same level of interaction as face-to-face trainings, the number of participants is restricted. We encourage you to register in advance for these very in-demand courses.


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