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At the start of September 2022, HSSMI welcomed Emily Laver as our Brand Design Officer. Emily has a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Lincoln and a background in advertising and marketing within the automotive sector. She is interested in all areas of design and says she is looking forward to further developing these skills with her work at HSSMI.


Why did you decide to join HSSMI?

EL: I decided to join HSSMI because the company’s aims align with my own personal values regarding sustainability. It also appeared to offer a lot of variety, allowing me to design for a wide range of areas and subject matters and that was very appealing.


How has HSSMI and your team supported your development?

EL: From the beginning I have been immersed in different projects and supported when opportunities have arisen to learn new skills ranging from video editing to event organisation.


What do you appreciate most about working at HSSMI?

EL: I most appreciate how friendly and approachable everyone is at HSSMI. I don’t have a background in engineering, but I am learning a lot as questions are always welcomed and encouraged.


What are your expectations from working at HSSMI?

EL: By working at HSSMI, I expect to be included in a wide variety of new projects and I will have the opportunity to continue my professional development by exploring new areas such as video production and web design.


How will working at HSSMI help your career?

EL: Working at HSSMI will be very valuable for my career as I am continuing to expand and build upon my design skills. I am also learning more about other areas of marketing beyond design which will broaden the possibility of any future opportunities.


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