SHyGaN – Smart Hydrogen Gas Network


Natural gas is used for multiple applications, including industrial power supply, and heating. In the UK alone natural gas is a significant GHG producer (>40% of emissions generated from power supply and the residential public sector’s main pollutant). Thus, a high proportion of natural gas must be substituted with renewables. Moreover, the current geopolitical turmoil highlights the UK’s high geopolitical dependence on natural gas. Since the natural gas network powers multiple sectors, its decarbonisation can positively affect multiple sectors. Hydrogen can be key towards this shift.


Introducing SHyGaN – Hydrogen storage for gas-preheating applications

In this project, H2GO Power, a London based company developing innovative hydrogen-based software and hardware solutions, together with BAXI, a global commercial heating and hot water systems solutions business, form a potent consortium to demonstrate a novel solution (heat-in-a-box) at Northern Gas Network’s (NGN) facilities, for decarbonising a network’s major industrial operation ­ gas preheating, which is of high energy intensity and risk. Failure on its operation may damage the whole network and raise issues of national security. The final heat-in-a-box containerised solution will be designed, built, and fully tested by the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).


The project has received funding from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) as part of its Industrial Hydrogen Accelerator Stream 1. SHyGaN officially commenced on 1st November 2022 and will run for two years.


HSSMI’s role

HSSMI’s role in the SHyGaN project is to determine an effective manufacturing strategy for the hydrogen heat-in-a-box solution that will enable wide roll-out of technology across the UK. HSSMI aims to define a high-volume manufacturing process, key suppliers in the supply chain, and opportunities to improve design for manufacture characteristics. HSSMI will also be looking at the end of life of the heat-in-a-box.


Testing at NGN in the Low Thornely facility

Through SHyGaN, heat­in­a­box will demonstrate a modular system of a 1MWh scale to prove its efficiency and safety before being applied to substitute the current preheating process. Its modular nature allows for scale and deployment to be reached quickly across multiple markets in an incremental manner, aiding in the fuel switching transition. The demonstration will be undertaken at NGN’s facilities in Low Thornley and by the active participation of NGN safety of operations will be secured. IoT devices will also be installed at NGN’s site to collect real­time data sets to maximise HyAI’s operation.


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