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At the start of summer 2022, HSSMI welcomed Agnese Rizzato as an addition to our Battery Technologies team. Agnese is interested in innovation, the latest technologies and how they can help achieve net zero. She holds a Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Padua in Italy and, prior to joining HSSMI, she was busy with her final dissertation project at University College London, in which she explored the development and application of multi-objective techniques for optimal experimental design and leveraged modelling and simulation techniques. Agnese says she looks forward to continuing to explore these interests in her work at HSSMI.

HSSMI’s Marketing and Communications Officer Zane Mezdreija sat down with Agnese to chat about her experience at HSSMI.


ZM: Why did you decide to join HSSMI?

AR: I decided to join HSSMI because, even if not exactly aligned with my previous studies, the company is involved in the development and scale-up of key innovative technologies that will contribute to the transition to net zero. This, in turn, offers me the opportunity to apply my process engineering and simulation knowledge in a new context and to keep learning about sustainability in different industrial sectors.


ZM: How has HSSMI and your team supported your development?

AR: From the beginning I’ve been involved in the battery and hydrogen related projects and my team has been supportive, but most importantly very approachable. This, together with the introduction to senior, finance and HR directors in the first few weeks, helped me settle in and made sure I always know who to ask in case I need further support.


ZM: What do you appreciate most about working at HSSMI?

AR: What I particularly appreciate about HSSMI is the possibility to get involved in a variety of different research and commercial projects that are not only strictly related to my team, but also include innovative technologies, such as fuel cells and hydrogen storage. I also appreciate the opportunity to gain exposure to specific software used in the manufacturing sector, making it possible to combine my interest in modelling and simulation with the development of scale-up strategies for emerging technologies.


ZM: What are your expectations from working at HSSMI?

AR: By working at HSSMI, I hope to expand my knowledge in key areas such as battery and hydrogen technologies, but also in the digital tools that can be efficiently used to accelerate the transition to net zero. At the same time, I will have the chance to engage with customers from different industrial sectors and consequently grow my professional network.


ZM: How will working at HSSMI help your career?

AR: Given the wide range of projects I can contribute to while working at HSSMI, I will gain invaluable experience as well as new technical skills that are fundamental in the context of electrification and sustainability. HSSMI will also provide the best platform to learn from the collaboration with team members from different backgrounds and to engage with various customers, consolidating the basis for any future career development in the sustainability sector.


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