New Graduate Programme Launched for Budding Engineers

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Your career is your adventure.


HSSMI has launched a Graduate Programme, targetted at new engineers looking to enter the world of manufacturing. The two year long Graduate Programme will provide opportunities to graduates to learn and develop their skills by working on various projects. They will receive comprehensive training and an individual development plan to ensure they maximise their potential. Under the guidance of their Line Manager, they will receive support, coaching and feedback along the way. Their colleagues and the wider HSSMI team will also support the new graduates and help them become immersed in the working world.

Working on industry-leading projects of national importance, graduates will create and execute the vision of HSSMI’s clients. This will be done using the latest technologies and thinking to support sustainable manufacturing growth in the UK and further afield. The training, experience, and client exposure at HSSMI will focus on transforming recent graduates into experts in their chosen field.


The programme is structured in two years, with the aim to build up experience and knowledge.


During the 1st year graduates will:

– Undertake various projects across the business
– Train to develop skills in your preferred solution area
– Develop core skills by attending the HSSMI Way Corporate Training
– Understand the commercial and research process and support the proposal writing process
– Visit client sites to build relationships and build networks
– Attend monthly mentorship sessions with your assigned mentor


In their 2nd year, graduates will:

– Continue to work on projects across HSSMI
– Continue with professional development
– Build on commercial and research learnings
– Utilise network to identify leads
– Move to a different team under a different Line Manager
– Put core skills into practice
– Develop and write proposal


For more information, download the leaflet available here or email HSSMI’s HR Director Beverley Stalton at For the latest opportunities in HSSMI’s Graduate Programme, have a look at our Careers page.

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