Research into a Virtual Tool to Perform Risk Assessment for Collaborative Applications

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The Risk Assessment for Collaborative Environments (RACE) project aims to develop a virtual tool to perform risk assessments for collaborative applications. From inputs such as the robot’s program, the operator’s program and a CAD model of the production part and the environment, a simulation is performed to reproduce the task taking into account the cycle time.

A list of foreseeable clashes and collision tolerances between the robot and the operator is then generated. Each impact is then evaluated with an algorithm to categorize the risk as low, medium or high according to ISO standards. This tool aims to allow users to perform quicker risk assessments without needing any physical installation as well as assess the cycle time, evaluate the contact, and to reduce the risk of collisions during a collaborative operation.


Further updates from this project will be released over the coming months. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with Satwik Mehta, Manager – Virtual Engineering via


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Satwik Mehta


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