Resources to Help Manufacturers Recover After The Pandemic

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During the week from 1 to 5 June, we conducted a campaign entitled “Bouncing Back after the Pandemic” across our social media channels (LinkedIn: HSSMI, Twtter: @HSSMI). We looked at how manufacturers are recovering from the coronavirus pandemic and what new measures they have put in place at their production sites. We also discussed the guidelines issued by different governmental authorities to help us all bonce back swifter. More insights are available on our social media channels, but here below we present a comprehensive list of the resources we explored. We believe manufacturers can take inspiration and some ideas from these documents on what measures to implement and how once they are ready to reopen their factories.

The HSSMI staff, for the time being, continues to work remotely, but is fully available should you require any assistance in reopening your facilities, upscaling production to normal levels, increasing productivity or implementing some new circular economy principles into your business.


UK Guidance

1. HM Government | Working safely during Covid-19 in factories, plants and warehouses |

2. HSE | Talking with your workers about preventing coronavirus |

3. Make UK | Covid-19 Management Training & Planning Programme |

4. BSI | New Guidance on Safe Working During the Covid-19 Pandemic |

5. SMMT | Covid-19: Industry Guidance and Best Practice for Automotive Manufacturers |


EU Guidance

1. European Agency for Safety and Health at Work | COVID-19: Back to the Workplace |

2. ACEA | Statement Corona Crisis: Towards a Strong and Green Re-Launch of the EU Auto Industry |


OEM Plans

1. Ford | Manufacturing Playbook |

2. Ford | Non-Manufacturing Playbook |

3. Jaguar Land Rover | Insights into Solihull factory |

4. Jaguar Land Rover | Covid-19 video |

5. General Motors | Playbook |

6. Bentley Motors | Risk Assessment |

7. Toyota | Playbook |


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