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It has been over a year now since Sam Dixon joined our Manufacturing Strategy team. With a passion for science and technology and a keen interest in electrification and net zero, Sam has been a natural addition to the HSSMI team. Sam himself says that he joined HSSMI as his passion matched up to the company’s vision of helping others to achieve net zero. Since joining HSSMI, Sam has worked on a number of innovative projects, designing and implementing the complete logistics strategy to support the launch of a number of Gigafactories and electric vehicle manufacturing facilities.

HSSMI’s Marketing and Communications Officer Zane Mezdreija sat down with Sam to chat about his experience at HSSMI.


ZM: Why did you decide to join HSSMI?

SD: I joined HSSMI as my passion matched up with the company’s vision of helping others to achieve net zero. The range of projects that HSSMI is supporting, as well as the clients they are working with to advance technology in the electrification of the automotive sector, were a particular draw for me, as I’ve been interested in this industry-wide shift from the start of my career.


ZM: How has HSSMI and your team supported your development?

SD: Since joining HSSMI, I have had the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of projects looking at all aspects of logistics – from freight to warehouse design, to material flow. More importantly, HSSMI has also provided the chance to get involved in other areas of manufacturing, such as simulation and process engineering. This has allowed me to really broaden my scope of understanding of manufacturing as a whole.


ZM: What do you appreciate most about working at HSSMI?

SD: The team at HSSMI is fantastic. Being a smaller company than my previous employers, it really does feel like a family. Everyone is always willing to offer support and advice.


ZM: What are your expectations from working at HSSMI?

SD: I expect that the company will keep itself at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Right now, we are deeply involved in the electrification revolution, but, in the future, I suspect the team will always be at the forefront of future technologies, driven by advancements in the likes of hydrogen energy storage.


ZM: How can working at HSSMI help your career? How has working at HSSMI helped your career?

SD: As an individual at the start of my career, most importantly, HSSMI has provided me with the opportunity to learn through both my work and training courses. There is a vast array of projects to get involved in that are rapidly evolving. You can easily be involved in multiple projects at once, so no two days are the same.

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